Post Five.

Do you love reading books?

Do you just get excited by a new read?

I know I do and the calibre of the authors that have been and gone create a whole new world for me.

As a international student in America, the guidelines for my life path are to grind hard in my twenties (now – working four different jobs), build in my thirties and forties, to then relax in the remainder of my exuberant life.

There are millions of generous souls out there, ones who love reading as much as I and some that appreciate reading but just do not get into it as much as others.

All I would ask is if one of you blessed people would help me build my library of books with some classics and to-be classics.

Please find the link to my Amazon wishlist of books that have my attention right now, help me invest in knowledge.

thewanderingbelperian’s Reading Wish List

I thank you in advance and with each book I plan to write an in depth review.