Post Three.

Storm before the calm. 

On a whole, my experience in America has been the whirlwind one could write about. First year, a freshman in terms of class and my oh my what fun we had. A clan of Europeans walking round campus. Eyes bulging past the blinkers of the “holy” students as they are captivated by our vast range of culture beaming out of our English, German and Scottish backgrounds. A successful year of football, partying, meeting plenty of new people. 

Second year came around as we added an Australian to the mix as we lost the two Germans.  Becoming a sophomore was random, football was good personally, relationships with ladies were extravagant. Saddest of farewells to my best friend as he departed for Liverpool and we later discover he wouldn’t return. Living with the added spice of an Aussie began perfect, an ideal situation as the friendship was strong. Living in close quarters can take its toll on someone with a strong personality when the other person doesn’t take care in their day to day life. 

Present day and I’m now to be moving out and staying in a spare room, of our previous assistant coach who just got the offer of head coach – information I received before any other player. 

The last six weeks of being back in America have been tough and now things seem to be heading in the right direction. I’m pleased to be working three jobs. Salesman, groundsman and a football coach with my transport a bicycle that my first American girlfriend gave me as compensation for our ending. 

The support from my family has been immense, 4,500 miles away. Without the FaceTime calls, I would be in complete meltdown. 

Not being able to change the waves this storm has produced, I have learn’t how to surf them. 


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