Post One.

      Sitting here, after a sweltering hot day in Conway, Arkansas. – For those who are like, “Where on earth is that?”  It’s the southern and in the central region of the many states America has to offer. – My first post that I have not bottled and left to rot in the drafts folder, so wish me luck.

      Having just returned from a glorious month away from USA, in the comfort blanket of home, England. I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with the ones I love most and recharge my batteries in the lustful essence of Tuscany, Italy and share a jam-packed weekend in the historic city of Amsterdam, Holland. As we speak the EU referendum is having its many judges counting the ballot boxes filled with very split ideas behind each vote. As it stands with few votes left to count, 52% of the population have voted to leave the EU, leaving a hopeful 48% of Britain’s population disappointed, myself included. What happens next, the affect this entails and so forth, we purely do not know; I fear Britain will go into sheer meltdown as the pound sterling has vastly declined against the dollar already. – I pray it shall not choke families, especially my own.

      Being six hours behind England due to time zones, I shall arise naturally with the sunlight basking on my skin in the early morning whilst Britain will know it’s fate and will of had the current (maybe soon ex) prime minister David Cameron addressing the actions it expects to take from the door step of 10 Downing St, London. This leaving Britain a lonely figure in the big world, a feeling I am beginning to feel in my own life.   




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  1. Sahar Sultan · June 24, 2016

    Welcome to blogosphere!


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